Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Whats new in Lighting? Everything!

Lighting has come a long way in the last few years! We used to only want to use incandescent bulbs because of their wonderful warm glow, but now we are getting used to LED’s which are so much more energy efficient! We used to only use very typical lighting fixtures such as crystal or wrought iron chandeliers and lamps, and now we are experimenting with repurposed items such as old used discarded pipes, old used discarded conveyor belts, old used candle-stands and virtually old used discarded anything and converting them into fabulous new lighting fixtures. Interior Designer Beverly Vosko of Beverly Vosko Interiors has long believed that re- using Antiques and discarded used items in her Interior Design schemes means giving those items new life, but ever since she became a L.E.E.D. Green Associate and a Certified Green Professional, “Designing Green” has taken on a new meaning for her. She loves Designing and Remodeling Green and incorporating these unique one of a kind re-purosed items into her design and remodeling schemes.  Not only can using repurposed lighting help the environment by keeping those repurposed items out of landfills, but if used creatively, they can become focal points that add interest and excitement to her clients rooms!  Look at these wonderful photos of new repurposed lighting! And if you like her ideas, please view her website to see some examples of her work  and then phone Beverly Vosko Interiors at 713 464-0055 or email to have her create a marvelous unique look for your home as well.