Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Repurposing - The New Black

Repurposing - The New Black

Today we are really finally beginning to Go Green! Instead of continuing to  fill our landfills, people are finally beginning to do something "Green" from a design point of view! Now for the first time, when an item breaks, instead of just throwing it out, people are thinking of ways to reuse it and instead of discarding items that have lost their use, people are coming up with new uses for that item that really work!  For example, we are re-using antiques such as this tall candle-stand, combining them with popular circular drum lamp shades and giving them new life by making them into floor lamps.
But re-using antiques is something that we have been doing for ages. 
We are now taking this "re-using" concept one step further, and creating fabulous lamps from discarded old pipes, topping them with trendy circular drum lamp shades and creating lamps that are focal points that add interest to any room, like this lamp below.
And we are even converting old discarded pipes into marvelous new ceiling fixtures that we think are so trendy today! Once upon a time, this pipe would have gone into a landfill but today it has been converted into a trendy lamp that will grace someones lovely home. 
And these discarded old pipes have been converted into pendants that may light a lovely kitchen island or decorate a fabulous restaurant or trendy bar...
What a wonderful new concept this is! And what fabulous new items we have!
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