Monday, September 20, 2010

Amazing Chuck Close Prints exhibit at Corcoran Gallery of Art

I am in Washington DC getting ready to teach my Go Green & 7 Steps to Successful Marketing CEUs tomorrow. I was walking around admiring the fabulous weather, the gorgeous architecture and especially the amazing museums in DC. I had never been to The Corcoran Gallery of Art before so I decided it was time for me to go see what it had to offer. And what it had to offer was the awesome Chuck Close prints exhibit! Chuck Close creates art that from far away look like huge portraits of his family....himself, his wife, his daughter, his niece and his close friends - but from close up, look like circles, squiggles and potato chips!
What's more, he uses the silk screening process to create art - adding layer upon layer - the way some fabrics are created. A work starts off with one color and looks fairly simple. He then adds another color and then another until the work looks as real as a photograph.. Unbelievable. Check him out! And then email me and let me know what you think at


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