Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tune in to Houston KPRC 950 AM radio show Purchase Like Pros on August 14th from 2 PM -3 PM

Mike Landry the host of Houston KPRC 950 AM radio show Purchase Like Pros has invited me to be on the air on August 14th from 2 PM -3 PM discussing Remodeling from an Interior Designer's point of view. I am very excited to be the Interior Designer chosen to be on this show and would love all of you to join us and listen to it, and even to call in a question for me, if you have any Design/Remodeling questions. I would like to take a minute and discuss Remodeling. Why do people remodel their homes? People remodel their homes to increase the value of their homes. The most common remodeling projects are kitchens and bathrooms - which cost a significant amount of money but people supposedly can recoup 75% of the cost of these kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects, and even more if they look really good. So how can you get your kitchen and/or bathroom to look really good? One way is to hire a professional licensed Interior Designer who is trained to take your ideas and make them work. A good licensed Interior Designer knows exactly where to go to get the most up to date and most beautiful products for the best prices - be it the latest and highest quality appliances, plumbing fixtures and/or electrical fixtures, the prettiest counter-tops, the most unique wall tiles and floor coverings, or the most stylish cabinetry and coordinate it all so that it all blends into one lovely harmonious whole. What do you think?